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    Martin Law P.C. is a law firm that is run by Jon Martin, Esq, and is located in downtown Las Vegas, NV. My law firm, will quash your warrants, deal with your traffic citations (in many cases you will get no points, and you'll not be required to go to traffic school ), and get you a fresh start through bankruptcy. I also practice DWI defense and PI law.
    I only take on debtors as my bankruptcy clients. As a bankruptcy lawyer, if it is a good fit, I will file for you either a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcies. Chapter 7 is for most debtors with lower wages. Chapter 13, on the other hand, is usually for consumers who earn an excessive amount of income to obtain qualified for the chapter 7 or for debtors who would like to save their house from being foreclosed upon.
    Concerning my criminal legal practice, I will quash your warrant. Thus, you'll not need to stress over being pulled over by the police and spend a night in jail. Call now and don't forget to inquire about our cost-free warrant search.
    Aside from that, Martin Law P.C. also takes care of your traffic citations. I will have the potential to get you zero points, and you will not even need to go to traffic school.
    Call ASAP and set up your free consultation.

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